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Random journal is random
okay. so, Hi :D
this journal is gonna be a random journal that i'd like to wrote for a very long time. I want to share some of my random thought about everything and some fractal stuff.
so, what's on my mind right now is about some random thoughts about my latest tutorial, the cpow-ring2 one. so, as you all might already knows that cpow is juliaN with more variables. cpow_power works just like julian_power. cpow_r and cpow_i can be use like julian_dist. negative value on cpow_r creates texture inside the ring, and positive value creates shadows outside the ring. for cpow_i, negative value creates shadows outside the ring, while positive value creates texture inside the ring.
"another plugin that you can use to creates some julian-like pattern is xtrb", said kr0mat1k. xtrb_power is like julian_power. to make it just like julian, you can set the xtrb_width to small value (e.g 0.1) or set it to 1. well i prefer to set it to 0.1 because it creates a differences with the julian.
some p
:iconguagapunyaimel:guagapunyaimel 2 8
DD Suggestion Guidelines

Hello again! I'm here to provide you with brand new DD Suggestion Guidelines.
Of course I haven't got inspiration from other CVs' guidelines, no.
General rules
I only take suggestions from the Digital Art > Fractal Art branch. For every other gallery, please check The Community Relations Team list.Make sure the artist you're suggesting hasn't received a Daily Deviation within the past 6 months. :faq313:The artist must be active on the site. This means people who haven't logged in within the past 30 days are NOT eligible.Please, try to send your suggestions in one note. It's easier for me to keep track like that. :)Self-suggestions are not only welcome, but encouraged!
Other things
I won't disclose whether I'll be featuring a piece, but if I do, it will be within a month from your suggestion.I love any kind of fractal. Raw,
animated, man
:iconc-91:C-91 10 7
Flower of the sun by dark-beam Flower of the sun :icondark-beam:dark-beam 15 9 Lazy Sketch by tatasz Lazy Sketch :icontatasz:tatasz 294 26 Hypertiled Koch by pillemaster Hypertiled Koch :iconpillemaster:pillemaster 21 2 Bloom hype by tatasz Bloom hype :icontatasz:tatasz 106 15 Tiled Swirls Param Pack - Part 1 by tatasz Tiled Swirls Param Pack - Part 1 :icontatasz:tatasz 59 9 Hypertiling a Tile - Chaotica Tutorial by pillemaster Hypertiling a Tile - Chaotica Tutorial :iconpillemaster:pillemaster 42 30 Sound Levels by Platinus Sound Levels :iconplatinus:Platinus 85 27 iterated 3D mesh - Spikes - MetalIFS v0.26 by ABlipinTime iterated 3D mesh - Spikes - MetalIFS v0.26 :iconablipintime:ABlipinTime 1 1 Gradient Pack 7 by tatasz Gradient Pack 7 :icontatasz:tatasz 38 4 Jacobi elliptic nice settings by dark-beam Jacobi elliptic nice settings :icondark-beam:dark-beam 15 20 AssimilationBreakthrough by Platinus AssimilationBreakthrough :iconplatinus:Platinus 87 13 Gradient Pack 5 by tatasz Gradient Pack 5 :icontatasz:tatasz 31 5 Gradient Pack 4 by tatasz Gradient Pack 4 :icontatasz:tatasz 60 5
Weird Tiling Workflow 1: Things Inside Tilings
Tiles are awesome but totally underused, maybe because the maths requirements to create them.
But now that we have IFStile, things are way easier ^^
Here, I document my workflow. This is not a tutorial.
Getting the tiling ready to work
Of course, you can make a tiling from scratch, but i am lazy and I just grab something from IFStile (

This one looks nice (after a lot of searching and pondering). So I´ll just export it to Apo.
Observe that this tile is made of 2 different shapes (overall 7 transforms). Fun stuff to play with :dummy:
At this stage, i try coloring it - if not the final version, something close to it. Once I get tons of weird stuff and xaos, the efficiency will drop a lot, making it hard to visualize, which will make coloring pretty painful.

Another important step is to visualize the xaos structure of your future work. Sometimes, i keep it in my head
:icontatasz:tatasz 15 6



Tweak of a flame in the Tiled Swirls Param Pack by tatasz… then used post_bumpmap with a jsplacement image
Created with JWildfire fun with post_bumpmap used image from jsplacement
and pixabay…</span>
Created with JWildfire using tilelog and inversion variations 
The Light Trap
Created with JWildfire

used only eCollide and plane but used high weight on the eCollide

<flame smooth_gradient="0" version="JWildfire V3.31 (30.03.2018)" size="1080 1080" center="0.0 -0.18984072" scale="563.0373786407766" rotate="-1.4206868941062083" filter="0.75" filter_type="GLOBAL_SHARPENING" filter_kernel="MITCHELL_SMOOTH" filter_indicator="0" filter_sharpness="4.0" filter_low_density="0.025" oversample="1" post_noise_filter="0" post_noise_filter_threshold="0.35" quality="10.0" background_type="GRADIENT_2X2_C" background_ul="0.0 0.0 0.0" background_ur="0.0 0.0 0.0" background_ll="0.0 0.0 0.0" background_lr="0.0 0.0 0.0" background_cc="0.0 0.0 0.0" bg_transparency="0" brightness="6.7" saturation="1.0" gamma="2.52" gamma_threshold="0.01" vibrancy="1.0" contrast="1.0" white_level="129.28" temporal_samples="1.0" cam_zoom="1.4488" cam_pitch="0.0" cam_yaw="0.0" cam_persp="0.0" cam_xfocus="0.0" cam_yfocus="0.0" cam_zfocus="0.0" cam_pos_x="0.0" cam_pos_y="0.0" cam_pos_z="0.0" cam_zpos="0.0" cam_dof="0.0" cam_dof_area="0.5" cam_dof_exponent="2.0" low_density_brightness="0.24" balancing_red="1.0" balancing_green="1.0" balancing_blue="1.0" cam_dof_shape="BUBBLE" cam_dof_scale="1.0" cam_dof_rotate="0.0" cam_dof_fade="1.0" antialias_amount="0.25" antialias_radius="0.5" post_symmetry_type="NONE" post_symmetry_order="3" post_symmetry_centre_x="0.0" post_symmetry_centre_y="0.0" post_symmetry_distance="1.25" post_symmetry_rotation="6.0" frame="1" frame_count="300" fps="30" post_blur_radius="0" post_blur_fade="0.95" post_blur_falloff="2.0" zbuffer_scale="1.0" mixer_mode="OFF">
 <xform weight="0.4" color="0.9270757827659372" symmetry="0.0" mirror_pre_post_translations="0" material="0.0" material_speed="0.0" mod_gamma="0.0" mod_gamma_speed="0.0" mod_contrast="0.0" mod_contrast_speed="0.0" mod_saturation="0.0" mod_saturation_speed="0.0" mod_hue="0.0" mod_hue_speed="0.0" opacity="0.0" plane_wf="1.0" plane_wf_fx_priority="0" plane_wf_position="3.0" plane_wf_size="24.892" plane_wf_axis="0" plane_wf_direct_color="1" plane_wf_color_mode="3" plane_wf_blend_colormap="1" plane_wf_displ_amount="0.1" plane_wf_blend_displ_map="1" plane_wf_calc_color_idx="0" plane_wf_receive_only_shadows="0" plane_wf_colormap_filename="" plane_wf_displ_map_filename="" coefs="1.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 0.0 0.0" chaos="0.0 1.0"/>
 <xform weight="90.0" color="0.88" symmetry="0.97" mirror_pre_post_translations="0" material="0.0" material_speed="0.0" mod_gamma="0.0" mod_gamma_speed="0.0" mod_contrast="0.0" mod_contrast_speed="0.0" mod_saturation="0.0" mod_saturation_speed="0.0" mod_hue="0.0" mod_hue_speed="0.0" eCollide="0.9764" eCollide_fx_priority="0" eCollide_num="18" eCollide_a="0.9304000000000001" coefs="-1.8186932342662388E-16 0.9900504839612987 -0.9900504839612987 -1.8186932342662388E-16 0.0 -0.35365492" chaos="1.0 1.0"/>
 <palette count="256" format="RGB">
282C2C2C36372E393D2F3940  </palette>
How to use ifstile with JWildfire


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